National Flip Flop Day!!

So it’s time to get those toes exposed and start enjoying summer!

The day is organised by Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a franchise in the USA that wants us to ditch our shoes and socks and get our flip flops on!

And in usa, they have this fun event where customers who appear in one of the 300 stores between 2.00pm and 7.00pm in their flip flops get a free smoothie! nice eh?

But on the other hand,

There is a serious side to the campaign, the company makes a donation for every customer that wears flip flops to Camp Sunshine.  This special camp was created in 1984 for children and their families who are dealing with life threatening illnesses like cancer, kidney diseases and lupus.

All sorts of support is available at the camp for both children and parents, and with the help of National Flip Flop Day they can continue doing their good work.

So if you have been so use to closed shoes and socks 24/7 make today a flip flop day and let your feet enjoy some air…

Happy National Flip Flop Day to you!!

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