Nasinu resident mistakenly puts $7,500 in garbage bag with rubbish

(Fijivillage) – Four workers of the Nasinu Town Council assisted a Nasinu resident last Friday after he had mistakenly put $7,500 in a garbage bag and put it with his rubbish to be collected by the council workers.

Nasinu Special Administrator, Mosese Kama said the Nasinu resident later pleaded with the council workers to check in the pile of rubbish.

The team made up of Jolame Korotini, Apete Ledua, Asaeli Qimaqima and Nawal Singh agreed to the request, parked the truck on the side of the road and started searching through the big pile of rubbish that they had collected earlier in the day.

Kama said it took them almost two hours to search and find the bag containing $7,500 cash.

In return, the resident rewarded the boys with $40 each and a mobile phone.

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One thought on “Nasinu resident mistakenly puts $7,500 in garbage bag with rubbish

  1. They should’ve got at least $100 each plus phone!! Poor guys looking through that crap for only $40 bucks!!

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