Tiny, light-activated nano-machines can possibly kill cancer cells within minutes

50,000 nano-machines put together are the width of a strand of human hair

Scientists have developed tiny, light-activated nano-machines that can drill into cancer cells. These machines could kill cancerous cells within minutes. For a study, they have built several of these nano-machines.

Moreover, when activated by light, these tiny machines targeted specific cancerous cells. It broke through the crust, rapidly killing them. The machines are so tiny that 50,000 of them together are about the width of a single strand of human hair.

Furthermore, scientists let these tiny things loose in a dish full of human kidney cells. It made holes in the cells and killed them within minutes. The same thing happened when the nano-machines were unleashed on cancerous prostate cells.


Unfortunately, since the experiments are still only on the scale of micro-organisms and fish, this technology isn’t super close. But in the future, these machines could be used to deliver medicine very precisely . Or actually kill cancer cells, leading the way to new forms of treatment.


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