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Mix FM Mourns The Loss of A Legendary Announcer

Tukuna Boy O Nadi Ko will surely be missed at Mix FM

Earlier this morning, notifications were flooded all over social media about the loss of our very own brother, O Irshad Tavu, O Nadi Ko, Tukunaboy!!

It came as a shocking wave to all of us here at the office. Being a small company, we’ve built relationships with each otMix FMher and close bonds so we’ve learnt to treat each other as family and Irshad was our big brother, our boss, the pain in our backsides and the guy who, no matter what, would always go out of his way (no matter how much trouble he’d get in) to help us.


Isa Tukunaboy, as Sala and I put our heads together to try and come up with this small piece, no words can describe the pain we’re feeling right now. Tears seem to flow freely on their own accord, and it’s even more hard to try and talk with a smile on our faces on air.

Mix FM

You will always remain our BIG BOSS!!! No Matter what anybody else says.


Mix FM misses you very much. Mix FM will never be the same without you Boss.

11 Nasoki Street is clouded by our grief at your loss. No more “I told you so’s”, no more “what is this Sala?”, no more “Alison what are you doing?” no more “Michael, do it for yourMix FM country” no More “Josy what you want to eat today?” no More “Mei, come here ” no more “Leo, you got my songs ready for my show?” and No more “Nau rabo, mai we talanoa mada”. How we use to all dread going into his office because we knew he was luring us in for a long yarn. But how we miss you all the same Irshad.


May you rest in love. And may your family find comfort in knowing, you are definitely in a better place.

Rest In Peace.

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