Microsoft Cortana gets its own Smart Speakers in the game – the Invoke smart speaker from Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon Invoke or the microsoft cortana is a voice-activated speaker that can play music, set reminders and read out the latest news

Now days, the market for smart speakers is high on demand and competition is tough. Especially with Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple all competing for customers. Not wanting to be left out, Microsoft has revealed a smart speaker. Running its own artificially intelligent personal assistant, Cortana. It is created by Samsung-owned audio brand Harman Kardon.

The Harman Kardon Invoke is a voice-activated speaker.  And the new device incorporates with Skype, so you can make hand-free calls to all Skype-enabled devices. Aside from playing music, Invoke manages calendars and activities. It can also set reminders and check traffic. And it can even read out the latest news.  You can also control your smart home devices. For example,  using voice to turn out the lights.

Unfortunately there’s a catch. Harman is only planning to launch the Invoke in USA.

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