Mickey Mouse Club makes its comeback as a show on Facebook

Longtime variety show The Mickey Mouse Club is returning as a Facebook-exclusive show dubbed Club Mickey Mouse

The Famous Club is returning as a Facebook-exclusive show dubbed Club Mickey Mouse.  The digital-first program will be more of a reality show than the talent show.  Which will see social media playing a heavy role. Prominent Youtubers, Todrick Hall and Alisha Marie will appear as guest mentors. To help the kids with their style and choreography

In addition, Hall and Marie will also instruct the group on their social media presence. All eight Instagram accounts of the new Mousketeers will also be used for show promotion. As will a main Club Mickey Mouse account.

Furthermore, the show is expected to last for seven weeks. It will follow the cast as they work on original entertainment material. Disney Digital Network is expected to publish around 70 pieces of content a week for the show.

The Mickey Mouse Club gave many young celebrities a springboard into stardom, such as Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears. The pivot to social media is an obvious modernization of the show. As YouTube culture and influencers grow in popularity, how we define celebrity — and the path to get there — are evolving as well.


Source: http://theverge.com

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