Meet Rubber Boy!

-An Indian schoolboy has been dubbed ‘Rubber Boy’ because of his mind-blowing flexibility.

Hailing from Punjab in the north of India, 15-year-old Jaspreet Singh Kalra’s signature moves include bending his legs so far backwards that his feet rest on his shoulders.

wish i could that..!!


He can also rotate his head 180 degrees so he is facing backwards – like Meryl Streep’s character in the comedy ‘Death Becomes Her’.

These incredible pictures show him literally bending over backwards, placing his head against the top of the back of his thigh, as well as twisting his body around on the floor so his face and feet face opposite directions.

 Jaspreet says he feels no pain when holding such poses and now has his sights set on emulating and even surpassing the feats of his hero, American-based contortionist Daniel Browning Smith, who currently holds the title of the world’s most flexible person.

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