Meet India’s “Mark Zuckerberg”, Trishneet Arora

Trishneet Arora born on November 2,1993 in Ludhiyana of Punjab,India. He is the guy being much talked about on the internet. This name is being presented as a role model for Indian children by the modern parents of India. Indian Youths prefer to call him “Mark Zuckerberg of India”. But Trishneet arora is not only an Indian icon but a global one.

It all began when Trishneet’s father bought a computer. He gradually got interested in the intelligent machine and started having cognition thereof. Trishneet failed in the 8th class because of his lack of interest in school which made his parents mad and made him the laughing stock of his community. But he spent all his time gaining computer knowledge and learnt how to hack computers.

Before he turned 22, he had already written 3 books namely Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora, The Hacking Era and Hacking With Smart Phones. These books became popular among hackers. Later, he decided to establish a firm to provide cyber security to his clients and save them from hackers.

23 year old Trishneet now heads TAC Security, a firm that works to provide cyber security to several giant companies and organisations in India. Many students from India’s best institutes are dreaming to work under him as his firm earns crores (thats alot of money) under the leadership of this 23 year young brain.

Trshneet Arora is the perfect example for parents who force their children to obtain high marks in traditional school subjects.Every child has some unique ability and interest, if the ability is discovered and the child is motivated to work as per their ability and interest, they will surely come off with the flying colours. Remember, Force will only give you a negative result.

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