Maloni Moceyawa appears in Tavua Court

36 year old Maloni Moceyawa appeared in the Tavua Magistrates Court today charged with 2 counts – 1 count of murder and 1 count of maloniintention to cause grievous harm. He is charged with killing 15 year old Simran Singh of Naria Rakiraki and seriously injuring her father.

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6 thoughts on “Maloni Moceyawa appears in Tavua Court

  1. Harsher Penalty to Offenders cause the crime they have commited will leave a scar behind for the victim’s family to remember for life. They don’t deserve second chance in Prison coz what they have done,cannot be undone.

  2. This incident should be a wake up call for the nation. I believe that we can do something way better than just grieving for the loss of the Singh family. The government should put up harsher penalties to culprits who engage themselves in such inhumane actions.
    We all understand that every human has rights but what is the point of treating those people who disrespect the rights of others as a normal person.
    Rights come with responsibilities therefore, this sort of irresponsible actions should have harsher penalties in order to put fear to those who are planning to do something similar.

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