‘Looping Videos’ by Snapchat takes on Instagram’s Boomerang and launches New Feature, ‘limitless snaps’

The new ‘looping videos’ feature allows users to view images until they choose to close it

Snapchat’s “looping videos” is going up against Instagram’s Boomerang. The new feature lets users replay video clips in a continuous loop. And they are also introducing “limitless snaps”. This new feature allow users to view images and video without a time limit for the first time.

The new option will allow users to view images until they choose to close it. Although the option to set a time limit will still be available. Even though photos and videos sent will still be deleted once they are closed by the recipient.  The update includes a new ‘Magic Eraser’ tool. It will allow users to edit images before sharing them. A “draw with emojis” tool has also been introduced.

The new features come after Snapchat came under pressure from Facebook in recent months. The social networking giant, Facebook, have added several features similar to Snapchat’s own primary functions. And Facebook has revealed last month that Instagram Stories had 200 million daily users, while Snapchat has around 158 million.

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