Looking forward to the Singapore 7s

With the hype of Fiji’s win at the Hong Kong 7s last night, it seems only fitting to turn our attention to the battle ahead… Singapore 7s.

Seven tournaments down and three to go. Singapore being the 8th pit stop before we round up the 2018/2019 HSBC Sevens Series Season.

Fiji jumps ahead one position into second place with 123 points after that superb play at the Hong Kong 7s. USA lead the tally with 130 points while NZ sits in third place with 118 points.

So, we travel to Singapore this weekend and with the top three leading points being so close together, we know for sure the last three legs of this series will be more thrilling than ever.

In Pool D Samoa is pooled with NZ, Japan and Spain. Pool C sees USA, England, Kenya and Wales pooled together while Pool B, led by runners up France, includes Argentina, Australia and the 16th place winner.

Meanwhile, Fiji heads pool A and is drawn with rivals South Africa, Scotland and Canada.

We wish our boys all the best this weekend.

Source: www.rugby365.com


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