Kenny Chesney: Advice for Getting Through Tough Times

“People Need a Lifeline”

Kenneth Arnold Chesney is an American country music singer, songwriter and record producer.

A story in this week’s Country Update all about the bad news has one little bit of good news. And it comes from Kenny Chesney.

Between the Las Vegas shooting, allegations of sexual abuse, and all kinds of “Before He Tweets” political controversies, Chesney has some advice and a fresh perspective to offer.

He says that “With all the bad news, all the horrible things, people need a little bit of a lifeline, or a place where they can unplug from all that. No matter what happens, you can only control so much. Then you have to trust life and let it happen.”

It seems that he also wants people to know that balance comes from seeing that glass as half full instead of half empty. Or kind of just taking the good with the bad.


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