It’s NATIONAL CREAMSICLE DAY amongst other observances…. 14th August



National Creamsicle Day is celebrated annually on August 14. This is a day to enjoy this refreshing summertime orange and vanilla treat.

Ice cream and fruit juice in one!

“Creamsicle” is a brand name of an ice cream treat consisting of vanilla ice cream on a Popsicle stick coated with an exterior of  flavored ice with the original flavor being orange.   This frozen dessert has been around for many years and is enjoyed by millions, not only in the summer, but year round.

Something that we will need especially on a hot sunny day 🙂

It’s also: World Lizard Day


World Lizard Day is always celebrated on the fourteenth day of August. The very first celebration of World Lizard Day is unclear, but it’s celebrated by herpetoculturists, conservationists, and herpetologists worldwide. Pet shops also celebrate World Lizard Day by educating their customers about these wonderful exotic pets. The Delaware Museum of Natural History celebrates the day with “Lunch with Lizards”. not something we would want to do!!

And also:

  • National Navajo Code Talkers Day
  • V-J Day
  • Worldwide Art Day

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