Harley Quinn

Brace yourselves DC fans, Harley Quinn is soon to come back to town

Harley Quinn is getting a new animated series for DC’s streaming

After an appearance in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad last year, DC
fan favorite Harley Quinn will be returning to her roots in her own
26-episode animated series.

The new Harley Quinn series will be loosely inspired by the current comics. Where the character has cut ties with the Joker  and is roughing it in Gotham City alongside her bestie Poison Ivy  and other familiar DC characters.

Over the last four years, DC have given Quinn a more  independent vibe in the comics. Which is far from the character’s origins as  the Joker’s sidekick in Batman: The Animated Series.

According to http://theverge.com, executives hope to bring in Margot Robbie, who played Quinn in Suicide Squad, to voice the character in the  new series. It’s all part of a full-court press to take advantage of  the character’s popularity as much as possible. Along with the new animated series, there is also an upcoming animated Batman & Harley Quinn movie and a live-action film that will detail the Joker and Quinn’s love affair.

Harley Quinn

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