Happy One-Hit-Wonder Day!!! 24.09.15

One-Hit-Wonder Day:


It’s what we’ve all been waiting for, a day to celebrate every artist who has conspired to give us one massively successful song….and the grand total of nothing since. One-Hit Wonder Day was established by music journalist Steve Rosen back in 1990 to pay tribute to those who have had their five minutes (or less) of fame and subsequently vanished, leaving us only a catchy (hopefully!) tune to remember them by.

From bizarre, middle-aged Spaniards Los Del Rio doing the ‘Macarena’, to beanie-hatted Daniel Powter singing about his ‘Bad Day’, via Lou Bega’s Mambo #5, the list of one-hit wonders is a long and varied one, so dig out your old record collection and see how many of these unfortunate souls are lurking there.

Then join us in sitting back, listening to their tunes and wondering what the heck these artists are doing now (apart from spending their massive royalty cheque). lol

National Save the Koala Day:


No birthday, but a day where the aim is to raise awareness in Australia of the plight of the koala and to educate people as to its vulnerability. During September which has been designated as Koala Month and in particular on the last Friday in September which is Save the Koala Day, the Australian Koala Foundation wants the Australian Government to acknowledge that currently koalas are not protected under national laws. There are as few as 43 000 koalas left and the Foundation wants the species listed as “vulnerable”.

It’s also:

  • Crab Meat Newburg Day – September 25
  • Math Story Telling Day – September 25
  • Native American Day – September 25, 2015 (4th Friday in September)
  • World Ataxia Awareness Day – September 25

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