Happy National Noodle Day!!

Noodles come in many varieties and National Noodle Day, which is celebrated each year on October 6, celebrates them all. The word noodle derives from the German word “nudel”.

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Noodles are made by some type of unleavened dough being rolled out and cut into a variety of shapes.

images (4)Long thin strips are likely the most popular, however some of the other shapes such as; tubes, strings, shells, flat, wide and etc., have their fans also.   Boiling,  pan-frying or deep-frying them are the common ways of preparing the noodles.


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They then can be eaten alone, with butter or with a sauce or used in soups, casseroles, salads, lasagna, and etc.


It is a question as to where the noodle was first invented but it is known that it has been a staple in many parts of the world for over 1800 years.

There is a report that, in 2002, archaeologists along the Yellow River in China found an earthenware bowl containing some 4000-year-old noodles which had been well preserved.


Have a bowl of your favorite noodles and use #NationalNoodleDay to post on social media.

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One of our daily menu’s lol wether it’s noodles with tuna, or noodles with bread, noodles is the best 🙂 so if this is your lunch today, enjoy it! and happy national noodle day to you!

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