Happy Georgeous Grandma Day to all our Tai’s, Bu’s, Nau’s, Nani and Grandmas!!



Gorgeous Grandma Day is a chance to honor our special women, our grandma who is over 50. But there are a few requirements in order to be considered a “Gorgeous Grandma” such as: Wants to thrive, not just survive; Cares for her mind and her body; Loves life – and lets everyone know it!, etc. All the requirements show that your grandma still has young spirit and always enjoy her life.




But for me, you’re all georgeous as you are!! take this time to enjoy the day with your grand-mother…and cherish those moments!!


Today is also:

  • Hot Enough For Ya Day
  • Mosquito Day
  • National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  • World Sjogren’s Day

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