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Hackers and Viruses: Here Are Five Ways to protect your computers from being hacked

Having up-to-date virus protection helps, but there are other ways to guard your tech keep your computer safe from hackers

If you find yourself using a virus-ridden computer, you could have your personal data stolen and sold on. On top of that, your PC or Mac will run slower than it should, sometimes making it entirely unusable. Clearly, it’s now more important than ever to keep your computer protected. But what’s the best way to stay secure?

Below, are the five top tips to keep your computer virus free.

1/ Set up two-step verification
Two-step verification is a security measure that makes it tougher for hackers to access your online accounts.

2/ Schedule your virus scans
it’ll come as no surprise to hear that antivirus software keeps your PC or Mac protected, but you can improve its effectiveness by relying less on manual scans.Most popular antivirus tools support the feature.

3/ only install software from trusted sources

When installing third-party software on Windows or Mac, you’ll be told if the source is an ‘unidentified developer’. If that’s the case, think twice before downloading. If you spot an advert that looks suspicious, don’t interact with it at all as some feature a fake ‘X’ or ‘close’ button.

4/ Be wary of Google Chrome extensions
If you use Google Chrome as your default web browser, make sure you’re familiar with the apps inside your Extensions folder. If you don’t see an extension you recognize, select Details to see what information it has access to. Remove it by clicking the bin icon.

5/ Know how to spot a phishing scam
Phishing scams impersonate legitimate websites and services to try and get you to give up your personal information. Often, phishing messages look like they’re from recognizable services you already use.


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