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It might not seem like that long ago but in reality how long has it been since you put any real thought into the aftermath of Tropical Cyclone Winston? Whilst the impacts of the cyclone are still real in many peoples lives; for those of us fortunate enough to live in the city we have more or less been able to get back to some form of normalcy.

Within two to three months of the disaster most of the Non Government and charitable organisation involved in the disaster clean up had packed up and gone home. Eight months after Winston it’s no longer making the international news. The disaster is still present however and many communities still need any support they can get.

Students on the Island of Koro are set to continue to use tents as class rooms through next year, the Ministry Of Education informed the members of the community of the situation late last month. Parents of students studying high school on the island have raised concerns however that the tents they are using are already at the point of falling apart.

The rebuild on Koro is under way but it will be many months or even years until the community is really back on their feet.

The team from Habitat For Humanity’s Fiji branch have been working hard on training community members on the construction of disaster ready homes. They’re also working on the development of clean water sources and sanitation spaces among other things.

Doreen Narayan is the Communications manager for Habitat for Humanity Fiji and she spoke to Allison from the Mid Day show.

If you would like more information on how to get assistance from Habitat for humanity you can email
Doreen or call her on 7073007. Habitat For Humanity’s Fiji office can be reached on 3312012

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