Google Family Link app lets parents turn old Android tablets into kid-friendly devices

Google Family Link app lets parents hand down their old Android gadgets to their kids without worrying about what they could end up downloading from the Play Store or finding online

Family Link allows parents to approve or block apps that their kids want to download from the Play Store, monitor their screen time and the apps they’re accessing, set device time limits, and remotely lock their kid’s device for bedtime or studying.

They just have to create a Google account for their kids and download the app, which went public today. Until now, parents had to request an invite and hope that Google followed up.


Parents likely have old Android phones and tablets they’d like to pass down to their kids, as opposed to having to buy a whole new kid-oriented tablet. Google is now giving them that option without the risk of their kids running rampant on the internet without any supervision.

Parents can run Family Link on an Android device running Kit Kat or higher or an iPhone running iOS 9 or higher.

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