Gadget powered by your SWEAT could mean you never have to buy batteries again

Researchers have created a ‘biofuel skin patch’ gadget that uses human sweat to provide its power

Gadget fueled by sweat. A remarkable new piece of technology called a biofuel cell. It has powered a radio for two days using human sweat alone.

As New Scientist reports , the cell takes the form of a soft, stretchable patch. That can be slapped on your skin to power up your favorite gadgets.
Moreover, t he patch uses enzymes that act like the metals inside traditional batteries. That are then powered by the lactate found in sweat.

Lactic acid is produced in different quantities depending on how efficiently the muscle is performing. Because of this, the patch could also be a way to monitor athletes’ abilities.

Pretty soon, all you’ll need to do to keep your iPhone powered up is head out for a quick five-mile run.

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