Researchers identify four types of Facebook users- which one are you?

Which type of Facebook User are you?

Are you a relationship builder, a town crier, a selfie or a window shopper?

The way people use Facebook differs widely, with some using it to broadcast information, some as an extension of their real-world relationships, and some as a source of information.

Every month, 2 billion people log into Facebook to browse their news feeds, check up on their friends, and post updates – with the average user spending 35 minutes a day on the social network.

In a recent study, researchers compiled a list of 48 statements identifying potential reasons people use Facebook. Brigham Young University researchers were able to identify four distinct group of users.

Each of these categories displays a unique set of characteristics:

Relationship builders
Relationship builders post, respond to others’ posts and use additional Facebook features primarily.


In an attempt to build relationships that exist beyond their virtual world.

Town criers
Town criers, experience a much larger gap between their real and virtual worlds. Unconcerned about other information, they instead want to inform everybody about what’s going on. They repost news stories and announce events.

But may otherwise neglect their profile pages, preferring to update family and friends through alternative means.

Selfies use the social media giant to self-promote. Like relationship builders, they post pictures, videos and text updates – but unlike relationship builders, they’re focused on getting attention, likes and comments.


Study participants in this category identified highly with the statement “The more ‘like’ notification alarms I receive, the more I feel approved by my peers.”

Window shoppers
Window shoppers, like town criers, feel a sense of social obligation to be on Facebook but rarely post personal information.

Unlike town criers, these users want to see what other people are doing.

Which are you?
Lastly, Facebook users may identify to some degree with more than one category. Most people have at least some selfie tendencies. But users typically identify more with one than others.

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