Flying Fijians

FLYING FIJIANS are through to the 2019 WORLD CUP!!!

Congratulations and well done to our FLYING FIJIANS TEAM!

Yesterday, the Flying Fijians were encouraged by their Captain to play their hearts out. And they have shown just that after coming out victorious against Tonga just moments ago. This would be round 1 for Fiji of the Pacific Nations Cup.

With a 3 all draw at half-time fans on both ends knew this was going to be a close call. Radio stations and reporters in New Zealand had branded it, The Final of the Islanders.  And just like a final game this was, with a tit-for-tat tactic played by both sides.

Moreover, into the second half, the Tongans looked to be the more dominant leading the scoreline at 10-8. A converted penalty given to Fiji, saw our boys take the lead 11-10 with 7 minutes to full time.

In the end, the Flying Fijians return home with a win in the bag and an entry into the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Full-time whistle blown, and Fiji wins 14-10. A very close and exciting game. And what a thriller this has turned out to be for those that were there to witness it.

Flying Fijians

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