First picture of tragic German exchange students who died on doomed Flight 4U 9525

( – These are some of the young German exchange students who had been on their way home from a week-long trip in Barcelona before they perished on the Germanwings flight.

Sixteen children and two teachers from the same school were among the 150 people who died when the plane crashed in a remote region of the French Alps on Tuesday morning, hitting the mountainside at more than 400mph.

The German pupils were pictured last December at a bowling alley enjoying a visit from 12 Spanish children from Giola institute in Llinars del Valles, near Barcelona, who had come to visit Germany on an exchange trip.

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These are some of the German pupils who died on the Germanwings flight, which crashed in the Alps, killing all 150 passengers. The teenagers had been on a week-long exchange trip to Barcelona and were flying home when the plane crashed on Tuesday morning. They are pictured in December, when their Spanish counterparts visited Germany as part of the exchange trips between the two schools 

Just a few months later the 16-strong class at Joseph-Koenig-Gymnasium school in Haltern-am-See, an English speaking grammar, went to visit their Spanish counterparts in Barcelona for a week-long exchange.

Yesterday, after a successful week, they were flying home with their two Spanish language teachers from Barcelona to Dusseldorf when the Germanwings flight lost altitude suddenly, and fell from the sky, plummeting towards the mountainside at a speed of almost 500mph.

All passengers on board were killed and searched continue today for the second black box on the plane.

Two teachers who were with the class, named as Sonja Cercek and Stefanie T by German newspaper Bild, also perished.


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