Fijian Rugby Player recieves Racial Abuse

A Fijian Player was left in tears and pleading with his coach to remove him from the Canterbury Club final after he was racially abused by a rugby fan on the sideline. An investigation is underway in to the incident involving Christchurch Club Winger, Sake Aca, during the final against Lincoln University on Saturday.  The Interim Vice Chancellor of Lincoln University, Dr John Hay said “It is always a shame when the ill-considered actions of one person can spoil what is otherwise a great ocassion.”sake

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2 thoughts on “Fijian Rugby Player recieves Racial Abuse

  1. Pathetic NZRU_ why aren’t you talking?? Racism?? I thought NZ was way over that?? Sooo sad NZ; plz understand that the natives of Aotearoa are coloured too?? So why make racial comments to Te Taganta Pasifika when your on our lands in the first place?? Some people are so full of priide that they are blinded by the fact?

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