Fiji in ninth place in World Rugby ranking

Ireland now 3rd, Fiji in 9th spot in World Rugby Rankings

South Africa’s latest draw with Australia hands New Zealand the Rugby Championship title and Ireland third spot in the World Rugby Rankings.

Looking at the World Rugby rankings, New Zealand is number one, England is second, Ireland is third, South Africa fourth, Australia at fifth, Scotland at sixth, Wales at seventh, France at eight, Fiji at ninth place while Argentina is sitting at tenth place.

World Rugby Rankings

[Previous position in brackets]

1(1) New Zealand 95.21

2(2) England 90.14

3(4) Ireland 85.39

4(3) South Africa 85.35

5(5) Australia 84.66

6(6) Scotland 82.47

7(7) Wales 81.73

8(8) France 79.63

9(9) Fiji 79.48

10(10) Argentina 77.86.


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