Facebook Reactions are now available on comments

Emojis can all now be used to react to Facebook comments

Facebook has given users the ability to “react” to people’s comments on the social network. And even in the same way they can react to posts. The Reactions feature was introduced last year. It has allowed users to respond to friends’ posts with different emoticons – as well as just “liking” them.
Now the company has extended the availability of Reactions. They can be used on comments people have made on a post, as well as the post itself.
This isn’t the first time Facebook has expanded its Reactions feature. Earlier this year, the company added the ability to react to messages in its Messenger app.

How to use Reactions on comments

Reacting to comments is very similar to reacting to posts. Just wait over the “Like” button with your indicator, or long-press the button on a touchscreen, and the reaction options will pop up. Then select the one you want, and it will be posted on that comment. The person who wrote the comment will then be notified.


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