Terrorist content on Facebook to be detected and removed with artificial intelligence

It analyzes posts and messages to detect whether they contain terrorist

Facebook has insight of how to remove terrorism and possible hints of terrorist content. This was the response to political pressure in Europe. And to militant groups using the social network for propaganda and recruiting.

Facebook increased the use of artificial intelligence. Intelligence such as image matching and language understanding to identify and remove content quickly. This will certainly allow Facebook access to matches photos or videos from groups. Groups that are defined as terrorist and their affiliates.


YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft created a common database of digital fingerprints last year. Automatically assigned to videos or photos of militant content to help each other identify the same content on their platforms. Similarly, Facebook now analyzes text that has already been removed to develop text-based signals for such information.


Countries where civilians were victims of terrorism, have pressed social media sites such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. So that social sites could remove militant content and hate speech. Government officials have threatened to fine Facebook and strip the broad legal protections it enjoys against liability for the content posted by its users.


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