Facebook is changing the rules around profile pictures

In an effort to stop people misusing profile pictures, the social network is putting safeguards in place

Facebook is now taking steps to safeguard profile pictures. The company has announced changes – starting in India . That will limit ways to copy a profile picture.

According to Facebook, adding an overlay to a picture made people “at least 75% less likely to copy that picture.”

Profile Pictures

Moreover, the idea gives users more control over their image. It would also stop users’ pictures being taken or misused without their consent.

Furthermore, Facebook has given users in India a step-by-step guide to adding these guards to their profile pictures. India was chosen as the “testbed” because image theft is more widespread there. But Facebook could well decide to roll the new features out worldwide if they prove successful.

Profile Pictures
The new measures include:

  1. Stopping downloads or sharing of profile pictures in Facebook Messenger.
  2. Stopping the ability to take a screenshot on an Android phone.
  3. Putting a blue border around the picture as a visual warning.


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