Events on this day the 4th August 2015….

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day:

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Everybody would have some love for chocolate chips! They’re great in cookies, ice cream, and even on their own as a treat. For Chocolate Chip Day, celebrate by making something really special with chocolate chips. If you have children, making cookies is a really easy and fun way to celebrate, and they’ll enjoy eating them when they’re cooked as well!

it’s also: 225th Birthday of the United States Coast Guard

coast guard

The Coast Guard is a presence in the local, regional, national, and global community, and today we recognize those that sacrifice to keep our country safe; and today we honor those that have served in the United States Coast Guard which is a unique branch of the military that serves as a maritime law enforcement agency and a federal regulatory agency; and the Commonwealth is proud to be home to over 9,500 Active Duty Coast Guard members and their families on six installations that employ over 1,500 civilian employees….

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