Drug Raids


The police’s fight in eradicating the illegal trade of drugs from their communities has been a success so far as they have been getting a lot of support from the public.

Just to enlighten you with some of the raids;

Yesterday a team of officers from the Eastern Division conducted an early morning raid at Wailailai Settlement in Naibulini, Wainibuka whereby they had to cross a river and uproot plants ranging up to 3 meters in height.

And last Friday a 47 year old businessman of Malolo, Nadi was arrested and charged after a raid conducted by Nadi Police resulted in the seizure of parcels of dried leaves and plants later confirmed to be marijuana.

Mind you these are just some of the arrests and raids conducted by officers throughout the four policing divisions and as the drive of eradicating the illegal trade by the police continues, you and I, the public are encouraged to assist in any way possible.

Any information is welcomed and they urge everyone to call Crime Stoppers on 919 or the following Command Centers if they have any information on the illegal drug trade;


Western Command Centre – 9905 457
Eastern Command Centre – 9905 563
Southern Command Centre – 9905 529
Northern Command Centre – 9905 722



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