Do Sites like Facebook and Twitter make you less social-able? Does social media make you very antisocial?

 Research reveals social media sites like Facebook and Twitter stops you from socializing in reality, making you less social-able


The best way of being social-able should be through Social media. But latest studies have shown that it could be having the opposite effect. It could be leaving people more and more isolated. And the more social media sites people are signed up to, the less likely they are to see their friends in real life.

LooseEnds, an app designed to return the social aspect online networks, has discovered the average person with one social media account typically goes out socializing more than six times a month and rarely goes more than three days without seeing a friend.

But people who use more than than three social media sites will go as much as a fortnight without seeing a friend and will only socialise once a month on average. Almost a quarter of people use up to three social media sites.

Less than two in every 10 (18%) people said they had seen a friend within the last 24 hours.

Who uses social media?

·         29% of people use Youtube

·         22.6% of people use Snapchat

·         21.7% of people use Twitter

·         18.2% of people use Instagram

·         Just a third of people engage with a friend’s post every 24 hours

·         Women are more likely to ‘like’ posts than men not very social-able

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