Does raising your arm to the sky improve your cell reception?

We’ve all been desperate for cell service. Does it help?

Cell reception can be questionable in cities because buildings affect how the signal reaches your device. Maybe you were at a music festival, or out in the woods, or just in your parents’ backyard when your phone lost a connection.

You probably instinctively threw your arm in the sky in an attempt to get better reception. I don’t know why we do this. It’s just a thing we’ve started doing.

Does it help? No, not really. Lin Zhong, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Rice University, in an interview, speaks about this common behavior and whether it actually helps. He firmly said no.

Lin says, that cell reception is mostly equivalent around us. Lifting your arm won’t change your service, but, he says, walking could wrangle you more bars, especially if you’re in a city.

Walking even a few feet might change how the signal reaches you. So stop raising your arm to the sky, it isn’t helping.


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