Dentists Day…..thanking all dentists :)

I remember my latest experience, as i was told to go get my teeth checked before delivery…..i missed my appointment from the fear of the dentist…lol….i eventually went and lucky i did not need to pull any tooth out but got it cleaned instead 🙂 was a painful experience but worth it!! so got see your dentist soon 😀


Not a fan of the dentist? You’re not alone, but if this often disliked profession didn’t exist, our penchant for sugars and sweet treats would have destroyed our pearly teeth a long time ago. Love them or hate them, there’s certainly an argument to say that dentists are one of the most important professionals you can get in the health industry. After all, without our teeth, where would we be?

Dentist’s day is mean to honor our favorite nerve-wracking experience in the dentist’s chair. While many aren’t always too keen on getting their teeth checked, sorting out cavities and stopping decay in its tracks is key to a long and healthy life – so today, say thank you!

The History of Dentist’s Day

We couldn’t find where Dentist’s Day came from, but it’s pretty clear why this profession deserves a day of observance.

Dentistry has been around for a long, long time, though. In fact, some of the oldest evidence we have of dentistry has been found to be between 13800 and 14100 years old! As far back as 7000BC, dentists were required to help out sufferers of toothache and cavities.


How to Celebrate Dentist’s Day
How long has it been since you went for a check up to the dentist? Maybe today would be the perfect time to break your habit of avoiding it, and just go ahead and get your teeth checked! And if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with your teeth, you could indulge in getting them cleaned. Nothing is more charming that a bright smile!

If you’re not keen on the idea of visiting your dentist today, make sure you use the hashtag #dentistsday on social media to get the word out there – maybe you will encourage someone else to get their teeth checked, and make the world a smilier place!

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