DC is officially stepping away from its expanded cinematic universe

Standalone films are the new name of the game.  Now it seems that DC is learning from its past mistakes and successes.


It’s no secret that DC’s cinematic universe efforts have experienced some difficulties winning the hearts of both fans and critics. The exception has been the most recent entry in the franchise: the largely standalone Wonder Woman, released earlier this year. Now it seems that they’re is learning from its past mistakes and successes.

According to Vulture, Warner Bros. and DC will be modifying the interconnected DC Extended Universe for future films. Following a template set by Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster hit.

It plays off the strengths of their biggest success, Wonder Woman, which largely ignored DC’s universe. Instead let director Patty Jenkins create a unique movie that was wholly devoted to its central character. It’s the same thing that worked for DC in the past, too.

DC still has hundreds of millions of dollars sunk into the upcoming Justice League, in what is supposed to be its long-awaited answer to The Avengers.  And the studio appears to be planning to do just that: next year’s Aquaman will feature Jason Momoa in the title role, building off his appearance in Justice League, even though the studio is considering Aquaman one of the first new movies that won’t be part of an overarching storyline.

According to Nelson and Johns, DC Entertainment seems to have a strong sense about what has been going wrong with its movie universe. Now it is time for the studio to show it knows how to do things right.


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