Confucius Saying for the Day

Confucius Once Said, “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”

This Confucius quote has a lot of meaning to it in so many aspects of my life. Figuratively
and physically. In my heart I want to be fit and healthy, lean, and in shape. I
need my heart to be healthy so that I can live long enough to enjoy my life
and my kids…

This means to me that I must put my heart into everything I do. Every step I
take must have purpose. I must think about the choices I make with food and
with drinks. I must nourish my body so that it gives my heart the ability to
heal. This in turn will allow my heart to grow stronger. I must exercise and
increase my heart rate to strengthen my heart so my heart will carry me
further than I ever dreamed it could. I must learn not to allow stress to get the
best of me. I must learn to breathe.

Yes, I will need both my physical heart and my emotional heart to heal each
other. They are intertwined, conected by my body and my soul. I will make
decisions with both versions of my heart in mind, and both versions of my
heart will be there so that I may enjoy a very long and happy life.


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