Circle: magic box that puts parents in control of family’s internet

If you have the feeling that you are losing control of how your children use the Internet, Circle could be the solution

Circle with Disney is a new product.  It offers both convenience and control without the need to install software on every device. With no monthly subscriptions, this Power-on cuboid Circle connects to your Wi-Fi network. You then select each device and assign them to different family members.

The Circle then reports on their activity online. It enables you to set time limits for particular sites like YouTube, Facebook, or Snapchat. Anything they do online shows up and can be limited or blocked.

Your Internet Service Provider offers the ability to block certain sites and set time limits Circle this will be for everyone in the house. Circle’s use of user profiles and its simple app to change settings makes it a much better fit for families.

Setting a limit on YouTube for the children then applies across all devices. It also means you can see all activity and time spent on screens. Even if they migrate from tablets to consoles once their time has run out.

The notifications of Circle are also really good. You will get an instant ping when a time limit has been reached, or when a new person logs onto the Wi-Fi. This is really useful when the kids have friends over. Not only does it keep them safe but means you know what they are up to on the internet.

The biggest benefit of Circle is that they put parents back in control of the family internet use. This doesn’t just mean you can clamp down on errant behavior but it creates an opportunity to discuss how long is appropriate with children.

Circle Circle


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