China is planning to implement a ban on fossil fuel cars

China Regulators are working to prepare a timeline to end sales and production

China is preparing to bring an end to the sale and production of fossil fuel cars. They are aiming to use the ban as a way to encourage local automakers into developing electric cars.

In addition, speaking at an auto forum on Saturday, the country’s vice minister of industry and information technology confirmed this. Regulators are working to come up with a timeline for phasing out the sales and production of the vehicles.

Moreover, China is the world’s largest market for automobiles. With over 28 million vehicles sold in 2016, a number that has continued to rise in recent years. China has worked to encourage the growth of its electric-vehicle market. Through subsidies as it works to cut its carbon emissions.

Furthermore, several other countries have announced similar intentions to ban fossil fuel-powered vehicles. France and the United Kingdom are both aiming to ban sales by 2040.

Lastly, automakers are also increasingly looking towards electric vehicles. Volvo announced its intentions to produce only electric or electric-hybrids by 2019. Jaguar Land Rover plans to go all electric by 2020, while Aston Martin announced its plans to go completely hybrid by 2025.



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