Carrie Underwood spreads powerful message in new song, ‘Love wins’

Carrie Underwood is giving fans a powerful preview of her upcoming album, Cry Pretty. The singer has released a lyric video for a new message song, “Love Wins.”

Underwood demonstrates she’s not afraid to address bigger issues in the new song, which starts off, “Stray bullet and a mama cries / Her baby won’t be coming home tonight / Sirens screaming down the avenue / Just another story on the evening news.”

She touches on the “politics and prejudice” of our divided culture before delivering the powerful chorus, which rings with a message of bringing people together: “I believe you and me are sisters and brothers / And I believe we’re made to be here for each other / We’ll never fall if we walk hand in hand / Put a world that feels broken together again / I believe in the end love wins.”

The introduction of gospel-tinged vocals in the latter verses and choruses lifts the track to even more powerful heights.

“Love Wins” is one of the final tracks on Cry Pretty, which is set for release on Sept. 14. Underwood recently sat down with Taste of Country and other media in Nashville to discuss the album, and she said she and her co-writers wanted to highlight the positive with the anthemic, mid-tempo power ballad.

“We weren’t trying to speak negatively about our world, because we live in an amazing world, but I feel like we get really caught up in surface things and I feel like in this world, we’re quick to get angry at each other,” she says. “I personally think that we’re all different for a reason. I feel like if you just sit down and talk to somebody who’s not like you and keep it calm, we can all learn from each other.”


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