Businessman Promises $1 Million Prize to the First Person to Live to 123

Moldovan businessman and multi-millionaire Dmitry Kaminskiy is passionate about long life – so much so that he’s offering a prize of $1 million to the first person to reach the age of 123 years. He himself dreams of living forever and hopes that his generous gift will trigger a new generation of (people over 110 years of age).

“We live in the most exciting era of human development when technologies becomes transformative,“we may not realise it, but some of the people over 110 years alive today may see the dawn of the next century if they live long enough for these transformative technologies to develop.”

he hopes that his prize will help some of us desire longer life spans and make our approaches to living longer a little more competitive.

Qori – 1million prize to the first person to live to 123 years!!

Whose up for this?



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