Images have been leaked of Apple’s iPhone8: Apple’s next smartphone looks incredibly awesome!

Rumors are flying around with images of what the iPhone8 might just look like

Recently, images have been leaked of what are believed to be Apple’s hugely-awaited iPhone8.  Already going viral online, the pictures give us an even better idea of what to expect when the phone is revealed later this year.

According to the pictures, the famous circular Apple home screen button has been moved onto the screen itself. There are also unconfirmed rumors that Apple may have embedded the TouchID fingerprint scanner into the screen for the smartphone .


These new pictures also seem to confirm the rumor that Apple will be moving the dual-lenses from running horizontally across the back to vertically when the phone is in portrait mode.


There has been no official word from Apple about the iPhone8 during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference yet. Although, there are plenty of information about the new version of iOS.

Source: www.mirror.uk.co/tech


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