Google brands Android device boxes Google Play Protect logo

Google looks like they will brand certified Android device boxes with a Google Play Protect logo

Google Play Protect is part of Google’s requirements for a certified Android device.

There are basically two kinds of Android devices out there in the world. Ones that are certified by Google and come preinstalled with Google apps (including the Play Store). And ones that aren’t.

While Google has been certifying Smartphone devices for a while, today they officially announced it. The tech company is making it a bit easier to make sure that you’re getting a certified Android device.

Moreover, this includes a new program that will put a Google Play Protect brand directly on your phone’s packaging.

Google Play Protect includes things like automatic virus scanning and support Google’s Find My Device feature. Most major manufacturers like Samsung or LG are obviously certified by Google already, but if you’re looking to buy from less well known company, looking out for that green shield on your next phone could save you a lot of trouble in the long run.



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