9th July: National Sugar Cookie Day!!

This Day presents a great opportunity for cookie-lovers to sink their teeth into as many sugar cookies as they want without feeling guilty.

We can celebrate this weird holiday by baking or buying sugar cookies!maybe at lunch time, buy a batch and share amongst each other

Sugar cookies could be in many forms:


Decorated in shapes of your liking:


Or just plain:


National Sugar Cookie Day Fun Facts:

  • In the mid-1700s, Protestant settlers from Germany created the first sugar cookies in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
  • Before sugar cookies were called “sugar cookies,” they were referred to by other names. Sugar cookies were called gimblettes in France, cimbellines in Italy, and other names like jumbles, jumbals, crybabies, plunkets and gemmels in other parts of the world.

National Sugar Cookie Quote:

  • “Look down the aisle, sugar cookie. Every cookie is a sugar cookie. A cookie without sugar is a cracker.”


Q: Julia baked 45 sugar cookies and ate 35. What does she have now?”ANS: Diabetes.

So indulge into some nice Sugary cookies 🙂 happy National Sugar Cokkie Day to you!!

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