6th July: International Kissing Day…

International Kissing Day takes place on 6 July in the UK.   However, the day has now been adopted worldwide and is also known as National Kissing Day or Kissing Day.

When I think about it, the concept of a kiss is everywhere in society and has many meanings.  A first kiss.   A formal kiss.  A passionate kiss.  A kiss goodbye.

Kissing Day aims to make us appreciate a kiss in its own right.   No conventions, no social norms, just a kiss.  Across the globe we embrace the kiss by embracing someone else.

Competition to hold the record for the longest kiss is rife – on 6-7 July 2005 the record was set in the UK at 31 hours and 30 minutes.  Then on Valentine’s Day 2009 Nikola Matovic and Kristina Reinhart from Germany set a new record of just over 32 hours.

Think of your first kiss … was it all you expected and a treasured memory or were you too nervous to really care?

Think of your sweetest kiss…from your child, or

kiss day

a thank you kiss from a friend, just remember that a kiss, is just a kiss so appreciate the humble kiss on International Kissing Day…

Today is also:

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