6 Year Old Goes Viral On Internet Trying To Save A Chicken He Ran Over

Internet users can’t stop gushing over a picture of a little boy making an effort to save the life of his neighbor’s chick.

Derek, 6 years old, accidentally ran over his neighbor’s chicken while riding his bicycle.

Not knowing what to do, the little boy took the injured chicken straight to the hospital for treatment.

In the viral picture, little Derek is seen holding the injured chicken in one hand and Rs 10 (about $0.30FJD) in another one.

Sadly, for Derek, the chicken was already dead and he could do nothing to save it.

However, it’s the little boy’s act of bravery and empathy towards the chicken that won him many hearts over the internet.

The Facebook post has since reached over 100,000 likes and over 90 thousand Facebook shares.

Recently, another post has been shared of little Derek awarded by his school for his act of bravery. 

In the picture, Derek is seen draped in a Tawlhloh Puan as he holds his award. The shawl is traditionally used to honor someone among Mizos who have shown extraordinary courage.

While Derek’s act of kindness and humanity has won him honors. It has also made him an internet sensation overnight. But it is his innocence to save a life that has left us floored.

Derek’s act of bravery has redefined humanity and the internet can’t stop itself from showering praises for this little boy.

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