Simple Tips For Our Drivers’ This Afternoon

With Road accidents on the rise, we must be sure to follow Road Rules and follow Safety Instructions and tips when given. We have lost a loved one to our roads due to careless driving and accidents that could have been prevented if Driving Rules were followed.

The following are Drivers’ Tips that we must learn to take heed of, in order to take care of ourselves and our passengers when we’re driving on our roads.

> Always wear your seat belt and ensure that all passengers are safely belted in as well.

> Put loose items and cargo in the trunk, as they can become projectiles during a sudden stop.

> Make driving a priority eating, drinking, cell phone conversations, texting, and other distractions cause countless accidents.

> Don’t drive when you need to sleep. Thousands are killed and injured each year after falling asleep behind the wheel pull over and find a safe place to rest.


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