21st July…

Sometimes, the idea of being healthy, preparing a balanced meal, and snacking on carrot sticks isn’t too appealing. Junk Food Day is all about satisfying your cravings for something naughtier, greasier, and definitely more fattening than the nutritional but not-very-exciting meal you know that you really should be eating.


So if you have been craving for some burgers, maybe some UFO’s, go ahead!today is the day!!…lol

It’s also:


Monkey day….celebrated on the 14th of December which is about animal rights and research etc…
And for today, it’s is about monkey-in around and playing pranks..

It’s also:

  • National Craft for Your Local Shelters Day – July 21
  • Department of Veterans Administration Created – July 21
  • Legal Drinking Age Day – July 21

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